MemePad Documentation (MEPAD)

What is MemePad?

MemePad V2 is a brand-new, cutting-edge launchpad platform without limits.

MemePad V2 allows anyone to launch a token on the Binance Smart Chain in a simple, decentralized, and automated way using an innovative UI.

Token Creators & Developers can now use MemePad to raise funds for their BEP-20 tokens, without any supervision or interference from the launchpad team itself.

Community members can participate in the automated launches by staking their MEPAD tokens on the platform. They can also stake their MEPAD tokens in staking pools, to earn a percentage of every token that is launched through MemePad.


MemePad provides a completely new, systematized, and decentralized way of connecting token creators with community members to raise funds.

It's a launchpad like no other, in that it combines and builds upon several elements inspired by other launchpads whilst also providing a unique edge in being tailored specifically to meme coins and microcaps that want to launch on BSC.

  • Automated - No obstructions, requirements, or interference in launching whatever token you want to launch on BSC.
  • Decentralized - No supervising or governing body that decides which token 'is good' for the launchpad and which one isn't.
  • Easy to use - Just input all the data necessary for the launch. No complicated application forms to fill out.
  • Locking & Vesting - MemePad provides token locking and vesting for all the tokens launched through it. No need to use additional services to give the community peace of mind.
  • Community-oriented - MEPAD token holders can participate in every launch, as well as earn free tokens through staking on the platform.