Step 3 of 7 – Use of Proceeds / Token Breakdown

The third step of launching a token on MemePad concerns the details of how the raised funds will be spent, and the allocations of the token to different uses.

Use of Proceeds

In this section, token developers have to decide the percentages of the token being allocated to their specific requirements. For example, if a project wants to raise 100BNB on MemePad, what will it be used for?

  • Liquidity - Initial liquidity has to be provided by default.

  • Expenses - Additional expenses can be added as required by the token developers and edited freely using the pencil icon. All the percentages are calculated automatically in the background to speed up the process.

  • Visual UI - Once some numbers have been entered, a handy greyscale bar at the top helps to visualize how the raised funds are allocated.

Token Breakdown

This section details tokenomics and the allocation of the total supply of tokens of the project. This is useful for the community to understand how many outstanding tokens exist outside of the token sale on MemePad.

  • Total supply - If the total supply of the project's token is 100 million, but only 20 million is allocated to the sale on MemePad, then it might be useful for the community to know what will happen with the remaining 80 million.

  • What are the remaining tokens used for? - Are they being used for a launch on a different launchpad? Will they be distributed to the community through staking rewards? Will they be burnt or used for marketing?

All of these details can be entered as expenses in the Token Breakdown section and the platform will calculate the percentages automatically.