Step 6 of 7 – Schedule Sale

In this step, the developers have to decide on when the token sale should start and end.

  • 7 day token sale - A token sale can run for a maximum of 7 days, after which the sale will end. If the funding targets have been reached, a sale is successful and the token can begin trading. If the funding targets haven’t been reached, a sale is forfeit and all the pledges are refunded automatically.

  • Staking schedule - When the staking period begins, MEPAD holders can stake their tokens to participate in the token sale. By staking MEPAD tokens during the staking period, MEPAD holders get exclusive and guaranteed allocation of the tokens for 24 hours.

  • Public sale thereafter - After 24 hours, and if tokens are remaining for sale, everyone else can participate and buy the tokens.

There are no limits on allocation size once the public sale opens and it runs on a first come first served(FCFS) basis. The token sale smart contract will limit each transaction to 5% of the remaining tokens to prevent whale games and gas wars.