View Coin

Once a user chooses which project they want to view, a new interface opens up that provides a variety of information and data about the chosen project. This page also allows users to participate in the launch itself.

The View Coin page provides users with all the information and data they need to decide whether they want to participate in the upcoming launch. If the coin has launched already, they can view all data about it.

  • Project Overview – Provides a short description of the project itself, such as what the token will be used for, whether it’s inflationary or deflationary, and the ethos behind the idea itself.
  • Overview – This section shows several important bits of information such as the sale amount, whether the project has been audited, or the initial market cap. It also shows the technicals such as the contract address or the supply of the coin.
  • Allocations - The allocation tab shows the total staking participation in the project's launch from the community members. If the wallet is connected to the MemePad portal, this page also shows the user's token allocation, depending on the amount of their staked MEPAD and their tiers.
  • Tokenomics – This tab shows the token economy breakdown of the project. Users can view the percentages of the token that will be used for initial liquidity, marketing, or exchange listings.
  • Lockups – The lockups tab allows users to view what amount of the token is locked up on the MemePad portal, and what is the vesting schedule for the remainder of the tokens. Users can also view the full details of the lock.

If the developers’ wallet is connected to the MemePad portal, a Manage Launch button will appear in the top right corner, which allows them to edit the specifics of the project.